Welcome to City Light Church, Penang!

The Church is the family of God, a place where imperfect people come together as one despite our differences, to pray and worship a perfect God. It is a place where we learn about God’s Word and grow spiritually as we journey into our destiny in God.

We believe in raising up the next generation of youths to fulfill our God given calling. For you and I are only young once, let us choose to serve Him while we are healthy and able-bodied!

In the year 2010, God bestowed upon Pastor Daniel Lau a vision to build a church in the city of Penang. A church with a strong spiritual atmosphere, where each and every member is a disciple of the Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Cultural Mandate, and to serve as the light of the world. By the grace of God, we grew steadily from 8 people to 100 people by the end of 2014.

Through unshaken faith and the blessings of grace, our members pledged sacrificially and served relentlessly. We have just recently moved into our new church building which could contain up to 500 people in its main hall. This new building is located on 29, Church Street Ghaut in Georgetown.

Everyone is welcome into this ever-growing family of ours, as we strive to build the kingdom of God. We look forward to having you ride with us on this amazing faith-stretching journey. May God bless you abundantly and unsparingly!

The future is yours.